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It is a real shame that there is so much CONTROL AND MANIPULATION in OUR system.

It is a shame that people have to suffer for what is happening in a country that cannot look after its people but is living in a VIRTUAL REALITY WORLD based on a past that was not so glorious.

I am talking about an inhumane welfare system that has destroyed the lives of thousands, if not millions of people created by a central government that does not seem to care at all Westminster.

I am one of those people, why, because I care and live with a European. I dared to share a one bedroom flat with. A person who needed, for a short time, to be on benefits.

What we have been through has been shameful. We live in a society that talks about person-centred care and inclusivity. Where, can I ask, is that inclusivity. Where, is humanity!

A government that spends billions of pounds on weapons of mass destruction but cannot feed its poor. A nation that increases the wealth of its billionaires and gambles with the lives of its citizens by calling for a decision to put up walls around an island that really is not that big should really take a good look at their action, don’t you think?

Fifteen months of stress, torture, accusation, lies because of a broken system that can tell no-one the truth.

You tell us all about your care of mental health but where is the support, where is the inclusion, where is the community, where is the empathy? The person I share a home with is a PTSD sufferer and was a services person from the 1980s. His son also served in Kosovo as a peacekeeper. My friend has lost that son who took his life two years ago because he could not feed his family who were his world! Where is the justice?

We, the carers, community workers, support workers, health workers keep trying to help people get their lives back again, the community support networks are everywhere, yet it is their funding that is being cut to service Britain’s debt to other countries isn’t it.

Forgive me if I am upset, but this is my life and that of a person that I care about you are ruining with your nonsense. Along with those of all the Europeans living in Britain and the British living in European countries.

You did not consider every action in Universal Credit or other benefit decisions. You did not work from a place where you had knowledge. You tried to reinvent the wheel.

You have cut budgets to local councils, reduced funding going into health & social care, education and services to communities. You have reduced benefits payments and attacked people for being poor and disabled.

There is more reliance on food banks than there ever has been and working people are living on a breadline caused by no investment in them and the future. Talking about economics does anyone remember what Keynes actually said about no investment and destruction?

This government in Westminster have lied seriously to everyone and it is time to change the way we do things before we go round the same negative fantasy spin we have gone through again, again, again and again!

What would Churchill say of what you are doing now, or Edward Heath for that matter?

I have slowly watched my friend HURT his recovery because of the stress authorities have put on him. It all feels like a trap!

Why did we have to suffer again? We have both suffered at the hands of people who did not know we were survivors, the ones who worked hard throughout our lives for our families and our friends. The ones who tried to live by the rules, honest people!

You have left me crying again after all I have tried to do!

You have left my friend hurt again by the country he came to love when he stayed here to live, after eight years of caring for his wife in Scotland before she died. We are the honest people you called wasters because we needed to claim benefits for a short space of time.

Thank you very much for taking away his independence and making him reliant on me, FEELING WORTHLESS, UNWANTED, a victim, after fifteen years living in Scotland, what do you think this serviceman thinks?

I guess the 40 years’ effort I have put in means nothing either!

Who are you people who pretend to be a government in Westminster?

Where is the freedom to breathe, to achieve everything you can and be everything you can be? WHERE ARE OUR HUMAN RIGHTS!

What kind of legacy are you leaving the generations that come after?


I am seriously glad I live in Scotland. I am glad to have a government that is sensible and gets on with the day job of running the country.

This is a true reality.

Sandra-Anne Marshall
23 April 2019


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