WHY A man A woman Neither doing much wrong Neither against good or bad Neither deserving hurt Both carers Both truth tellers Both living the best way they can Doing their best in honesty Torn apart by the very rules they have tried to follow Bullied and oppressed by non-protective laws Hurt by liars more …


    What a weekend, what a conference, what a vision for the future An answer to my prayers at least! A vision of a fairer Scotland, one that works for every citizen from wherever they have come from. A promise that Scotland is now working for independence and will work towards being a member …


This has been a really hard personal even to write and someone keeps preventing me from sharing my work to the net. They have also tried to shut me down



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It is a real shame that there is so much CONTROL AND MANIPULATION in OUR system.

It is a shame that people have to suffer for what is happening in a country that cannot look after its people but is living in a VIRTUAL REALITY WORLD based on a past that was not so glorious.

I am talking about an inhumane welfare system that has destroyed the lives of thousands, if not millions of people created by a central government that does not seem to care at all Westminster.

I am one of those people, why, because I care and live with a European. I dared to share a one bedroom flat with. A person who needed, for a short time, to be on benefits.

What we have been through has been shameful. We live in a society that talks about person-centred care and inclusivity. Where, can…

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Transformed world Transformed life Transformed reality Love everlasting Life ever living in God Light of the world You saved all of us from harm You brought us back Time after time You rescued from dangerous forces Within the hearts of men You sent angels to watch over all These the men who did not understand …



I am writing this as I listen to the Brexit news on TV. Apparently the Government are now going to be allowed to vote on whether we leave with no deal or ask for an extension.

On behalf of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales the thoughts that have come to me are:-

  1. The UK Government in Westminster has a duty to act in the best interests of every individual in the UK, Can anyone explain to me how the UK Government are actually doing that?
  2. If global migration rules change because of the conference in Marakech, Morocco in December, 2018, the UK will seriously lose out because of their stated Brexit position in respect of migration will they not?
  3. In an era where independently run countries around the globe are starting  to rebuild their own communities/ countries, discovering sustainable ways of living together and separately, the UK Government, because of Brexit, risks becoming isolated and unable…

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Light of a new day Stronger than before Love in every particle light Raindrops a rainbow of life This journey at beginning Is what we are born for This light burning far into future From Yaweh our gift to this world Hope and joy that rainbow Peace and love that light Your family, my family, …