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I often wonder at the obstacles put in front of daily life.

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You get to a point where you say everything is in order now,
and it all starts again for no apparent reason.

The world does not let you rest easy, it keeps clawing at you for more problems and more negativity.

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It is only when you take a step back and re-connect with the Lord of life itself that you see problems are not insurmountable, you can deal with most of them one by one.

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The way forward is positive not negative, and no you are not too old!

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Sometimes just putting one foot in front of the other,
when you cannot see “the wood for the trees,”
is the best thing to do.

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Our parents and grandparents all know that. It is how most of them live, taking the rough with the smooth.

Keep going with a…

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WHY A man A woman Neither doing much wrong Neither against good or bad Neither deserving hurt Both carers Both truth tellers Both living the best way they can Doing their best in honesty Torn apart by the very rules they have tried to follow Bullied and oppressed by non-protective laws Hurt by liars more …


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This has been a really hard personal even to write and someone keeps preventing me from sharing my work to the net. They have also tried to shut me down



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It is a real shame that there is so much CONTROL AND MANIPULATION in OUR system.

It is a shame that people have to suffer for what is happening in a country that cannot look after its people but is living in a VIRTUAL REALITY WORLD based on a past that was not so glorious.

I am talking about an inhumane welfare system that has destroyed the lives of thousands, if not millions of people created by a central government that does not seem to care at all Westminster.

I am one of those people, why, because I care and live with a European. I dared to share a one bedroom flat with. A person who needed, for a short time, to be on benefits.

What we have been through has been shameful. We live in a society that talks about person-centred care and inclusivity. Where, can…

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Transformed world Transformed life Transformed reality Love everlasting Life ever living in God Light of the world You saved all of us from harm You brought us back Time after time You rescued from dangerous forces Within the hearts of men You sent angels to watch over all These the men who did not understand …