This has been a really hard personal even to write and someone keeps preventing me from sharing my work to the net. They have also tried to shut me down



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It is a real shame that there is so much CONTROL AND MANIPULATION in OUR system.

It is a shame that people have to suffer for what is happening in a country that cannot look after its people but is living in a VIRTUAL REALITY WORLD based on a past that was not so glorious.

I am talking about an inhumane welfare system that has destroyed the lives of thousands, if not millions of people created by a central government that does not seem to care at all Westminster.

I am one of those people, why, because I care and live with a European. I dared to share a one bedroom flat with. A person who needed, for a short time, to be on benefits.

What we have been through has been shameful. We live in a society that talks about person-centred care and inclusivity. Where, can…

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