Life change

This is what happened to me:I tried too hard. I have become depressed because of in-action on my behalf, or too much action on my behalf.I am a strong person who has done too much and tried to fit in to the mould other people expect.I can't.I have to follow my own path. I have …

A possible future

Dear Sir,I want to be free to write without censure. I have so many ideas that are not against human life but maybe, just maybe they would make a difference and perhaps help humanity move forward. I am stopped at every turn. Every time I try to do something good it is controlled, changed, parts …

Independence Yes or No


Dear everyone,

I would like to add my voice to this debate as someone who has worked in every sector in Scotland for all of my working lifetime. I have been listening to the arguments on both sides.  I cannot say I have no bias but I believe I may have just a little experience of real life in Scotland.

Whether you are voting Yes or No it has been obvious from the debate that the debate has energised the whole Scottish Community and people in this country feel more confident about themselves, their families, their country and are more engaged in creating a solid future for their children and grand-children than at any other point in my lifetime.

I have heard some very silly arguments and some quite interesting arguments can I add mine as part of the Yes vote and perhaps start a debate on the positive sides…

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