In response to Mike Stevenson’s Post on Linked-in of 17 November The Talent that Surrounds Us

I really like Mike Stevenson's article about The Talent that surrounds us and the message is true. I had to be thrown in at the deep end by the creator to find out what was happening and have never stopped since. One very talented musician I know said to me once its like this Sandra …

Leith Hub Project Update

Life is strange sometimes.  One minute you are thinking everything is just sliding away and then just as you reach the point of feeling backed into a corner and totally frustrated everything turns again.  This is what has happened with this project. I reached a block in the journey and no matter what I tried …

A Mile in My Shoes

Town Mouse

sunshine and wet road

Well, more than a mile, actually. This week I’ve clocked up well over 15 miles walking back and forth to the village and I’m discovering lots of things, mainly the fact that most of my footwear is more comfortable for cycling in than walking – I’m looking at you, wellies – and that I’d forgotten all about blisters but now that I have discovered them I can confirm that they hurt about as much as minor abdominal surgery. I’ve also discovered that people in cars behave just as badly or well around pedestrians as they do around cyclists, or perhaps it’s actually personal to me, regardless of my mode of transport – certainly I have seen no more observance of Rule 206 than I have Rule 163. I’m much more assertive about taking the country lane on foot, though, especially when it’s raining. I’ve realised that this is because, while…

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The sun is shining and it is Saturday afternoon, the housework is done, the dinner finished and at last I can sit down and write. Can I reach the people I want to reach? I hope so - it would be so wonderful to see ideas working. It's only my own view, you know but …

An Ordinary Voter’s voice

For all of you out there involved or interested in Scotland’s Big Debate please give me some feedback


An Ordinary Voter’s Voice

Standing at a cross-roads

With everyone in this land

It is very hard to choose

Which way is not a blind

Trying to make an informed choice

But the surface is just nonsense

Got to go a little deeper

To find the truth that lies within

Politicians and media silver-tongued

rivers of lies and spin

creating cages to trap each person in

Not listening to exaggeration

so many so many lies

Observing and researching reality

for individual and family’s lives

No illusions are there

At this cross-roads once before

Promises brought disillusionment

That destroyed so many lives

Researching what is really happening

Using life’s experience to put everything to the test

Scotland is a wealthy country

All have agreed

Scotland can make it on its own

It has the expertise

UK politicians even agreed with that

Entitled to our pensions

After all citizens of the EU

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So this is it

Please read this so true

Wee Ginger Dug

A guest post by Samuel Miller (Macart)

It’s decision time. Three years of debate, miles of newsprint, mountains of leaflets, ‘think tank’ reports, government papers, countless hours of broadcast argument and it’s finally come down to this: Who do you believe and who do you trust?

Do you know we’re now being offered *powers and a timetable? I’ve even heard the odd *commentator use the term constitutional convention and that’s without them spitting to one side immediately afterward. Amazing I know, but there you have it. After three hundred and seven years and with a matter of days to go to this country’s most important vote ever and NOW we are guaranteed that Westminster will propose new powers, draft a bill or two and talk about further democratic mechanisms. This after the first postal votes have already started to be cast and returned. Stable doors and horses bolting come to…

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Life change

This is what happened to me:I tried too hard. I have become depressed because of in-action on my behalf, or too much action on my behalf.I am a strong person who has done too much and tried to fit in to the mould other people expect.I can't.I have to follow my own path. I have …