12 MAY 2018 I cannot end with the negativity of the past. I agree with a certain singer I listened to last night who confirmed what I already know in my heart that LOVE is the key. I cannot work in the dark for very long I get a lump in my heart that doesn't …



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Truth is Good 8th May 2018

Did I preach
Did I demand you listen to me
Did I force you to act
Did I laugh and humiliate you too
Was I arrogant
Was I the superior one
Did I slag the work you have done
Did I complain about the smell
Coming from your home
Did I call you useless cow
Did I force you to go from here
Did I torment or torture you
Night after day, day after night
Was it either my way or the highway
Did I tell you what to think
Did I cage you like a butterfly
In a prison without bars
Or stalk you backwards and forwards
To torment wherever you were
Did I pretend to know you
Make allegations, assumptions lies about you
Did I try to destroy all you are
Did I attack your personality or hold you back
From your…

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Just to let everyone know that I have had to revert to the free blog at present for the next month. is my original blog page and I will be writing an article every day. Thank you very much.

Truth Is Good 2017 9 November

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Dear sir,

I am writing with great concern in my heart because of what I have just read.
I understand that the Government are trying to get this right because they really believe in the policies they are putting forward.
However, I would ask you to look at these policies in a different manner, from the perspective of the person having to comply with the legislation.
A whole essentially important point has not been considered!
When looking again at the words, I find there is nothing there to combat negative reinforcement.
You, and your words, are continuing to reinforce traumatic damage with your policies and procedures.
One of the reasons mental ill health is on the rise in this country at such a steep rate is known to be because of the constant expectation on people to tell and re-tell their story of trauma…

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Truth Is Good 2017

Saturday 28 October 2017 I have experienced a few revelations over the last week or so and I just wanted, if you will allow me, to share them with you. You know firstly that I believe in YAWE (God) I believe that everything is created by YAWE (God) and that he is in everything. I …