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I live in community with one of the most genuine, empathetic groups of people you could ever know (people who live on the edge of every community, people who are generally considered strange, mad, broken, different, excluded), unique, special, individuals who are often the most knowledgeable, caring, activist people you will ever meet:



Mind’s Well Recovery College is a creative mental health social enterprise founded by an amazing Spanish woman, Maria Naranjo, who came to Scotland fifteen years ago, studied and worked in the field of Mental Health for twelve years and, when she needed support because of her own problems, and found the gap in support services for those with mental health issues is real, decided to define the next support development in mental health recovery in Scotland.

Mind’s Well provides mental health and health and wellbeing education and training for everyone. Not only that.  Mind’s Well develops and trains volunteers and paid staff providing them with self-awareness, self-management tools, support and supervision that inspire individuals to take the next step.  Some of the skills provided are support into work qualifications directly qualifying individuals for support, peer support and peer education facilitation work, either voluntary or paid.

All Mind’s Well workshops were put together with the help of people with lived experience.  After all isn’t it common sense, people who have been there, understand more about the issues than those reading them from a text book. It is people with lived experience who provide their own individual experience to every training for trainers workshop presented by Minds Well facilitators.

The workshops, quite simply, provide the tools and background knowledge that we all need to a certain extent. Come along and find out:

Narrative Therapy

Mental Health & The Teenage Brain

Self-Harm & Suicide Awareness

Complex Trauma or PTSD

Dual Diagnosis Addictions and Mental Health

Managing Self-Harming Behaviours

PDA Mental Health Peer Support SCQF7


And Totally unrelated to these courses but from a very special person

The Unconventional Scribbler, Paul Charles, May 2017

Freedom for Awareness





My passion for working in Local community development has its roots further back in time when my family and I moved to a new house in Morvenside, Edinburgh in 1996.  New social housing was just being built and there were problems with young people attacking the newly planted trees and shrubbery.  The Housing Association were trying to get the local residents to create a residents association.

This was at the very beginning of  a regeneration project in Edinburgh.  Nowhere as involved as it is now.

The idea that kept going through my head even back then, “what can we do to give young people a sense of belonging that will give them roots, responsibility and a will to care for where they live?”

Although this was so long ago we are still asking those questions, but in a broader way.  Now we are also saying local community should have more ownership of what happens in the community they live in, including deciding where resources should go and what the community area look like, what services should look like and where they should be.

We need to take responsibility for the area we live in and make it better ourselves, asking local authorities, government, experts etc. to work with us and help us with resources, expertise and community, aid us to create ideal places for our local communities to live, work and breathe, build our own micro-economies, create a health & wellbeing way of life that includes everyone, even “pirates.”

In this area I have had the honour of working with community activists from every possible background you can imagine, am completing a Community Learning Development Course with Glasgow Caledonian University and a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics with the Open University.

Now, who would have believed all of this twenty years ago. Life from then to this point has been life at its fullest, weirdest, with the largest learning curve you can imagine and I thank God for the path I am on, all I have learned and am re-defining, on a daily basis……….


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