What a weekend, what a conference, what a vision for the future

An answer to my prayers at least!

A vision of a fairer Scotland, one that works for every citizen from wherever they have come from.

A promise that Scotland is now working for independence and will work towards being a member of Europe.

A debate about a currency that will see Scotland produce an independent monetary system, as soon as practicable after independence.

A debate about a Citizens Assembly to keep the politicians going in the right direction and to give every citizen a voice.

A country that does not want walls it wants to be outward looking with open borders to Europe and beyond.

A country that welcomes free movement, people and positive migration to and from Scotland

A country that welcomes and wants to continue with the research and development projects in science, medicine and technology that have been part of our culture and relationship with Europe since the Scottish Enlightenment.

A country that has an excellent climate change action record but one that acknowledges the student action on the climate change emergency as right and a government that has made a promise to work with these young people and every other citizen to reduce carbon emissions even faster if possible.

A country that does not accept Brexit, does not accept the Westminster welfare reforms and will accept the UN Rapporteur’s recommendations made about the UK in November 2018.

A country that works tirelessly to promote the UN Rights of the child action and will look to become a member of the UN in the future.

A country that will work to ensure that no-one is left behind that every citizen has a fair share in the life and wealth of Scotland.

A government that is working toward full employment and one that will support a Scottish Health & Welfare service to remain free at the point of delivery with free personal care to all those who require it.

We are not the smallest country in Europe.  We have an unbelievable record in science, engineering, technology, education, business, farming and fisheries, alternative energy resources, planning, architecture and design, including the arts and culture to offer to the world, not just tourism.  There is absolutely no reason to doubt that we will succeed.  Just the potential to go even further than we expect.

I believe that this country is blessed and I am proud to be a Scottish Citizen.  I really do want to see all of us be all we can be.

What do you think?


Sandra Marshall

28 April 2019




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