I am writing this as I listen to the Brexit news on TV. Apparently the Government are now going to be allowed to vote on whether we leave with no deal or ask for an extension.

On behalf of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales the thoughts that have come to me are:-

  1. The UK Government in Westminster has a duty to act in the best interests of every individual in the UK, Can anyone explain to me how the UK Government are actually doing that?
  2. If global migration rules change because of the conference in Marakech, Morocco in December, 2018, the UK will seriously lose out because of their stated Brexit position in respect of migration will they not?
  3. In an era where independently run countries around the globe are starting  to rebuild their own communities/ countries, discovering sustainable ways of living together and separately, the UK Government, because of Brexit, risks becoming isolated and unable to participate in the new quiet revolution in thought and action throughout the world.
  4. Are the citizens of every country that makes up the UK going to benefit separately and together from Brexit or, are we all going to have to tidy up the mess caused by a government with blinkers on.
  5. Why are we leaving Europe in the first place, I still cannot understand the reason for Brexit. Europe is better working together as a region in world politics. We are losing a union that was thought of and created by some of the greatest leaders of the twentieth century, including Sir Winston Churchill, who understood that the best way forward for peace in Europe and for the European voice to be heard effectively was for separate countries to work together, not as an empire but as separate individual countries linked by ties of trade, family and friendship.
  6. Quite simply, why does the UK Government want to create chaos from structure?


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