Truth is Good 2018

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A Case of Fake News

What is it people get from creating destructive fake news about an individual, a group, a community, a country………? I do have some idea at an individual level, I have been there not to long ago. However, that is not why I am writing this piece.

You see I am fed up of hearing badly reported, not objective, negative generalised news about the community I live in. Of course it is well known that such sensationalist fake news will bring a second of fame, however it brings nothing but further bad news, hurt people, loss of opportunity to the community concerned. This time the fake news was once more about wild teenagers, one of the favourite targets for

any journalist??? Not real news at all! This person travelling on the same bus as I did not say much that was new, just everything that was false, not researched, and not professional. Once again I and my fellow travellers were subjected to a loud raucous cockney voice telling us that the parents of the 70s and 80s generation in our community are very bad people who have let their children go wild and that these feral young people run around stealing everything?? This gentleman, before I shut him up by staring at him pointedly also mentioned I have hours of footage to…..

I am seriously sorry to hear such utter and complete made up rubbish.

Surely there must be a better way, perhaps we could highlight the fact that most adults in this community work for a living most people in this community are decent human beings who bring up their children in the best way they can to be decent human beings whilst having resources and income slashed to just below a living wage level. People who have had to put up with reduced services, reduced income, higher living costs and more not just because of a post code lottery. Young people who do not know what the future is going to bring. Not because of Scottish Government action, but because Westminster appear to want to squash what Scotland tries to do and then steal the ideas that are put into law because, perhaps, they cannot come up with better?

Anyway that is a bit side tracked. I think the best way of reporting and presenting what is really happening in this community, one I am really proud to be part of, is to highlight and promote what`s really happening: Centipede, granton gardeners, North Edinburgh Arts Garden, Gosip (clean-up and creation of garden and public space in dead corner sites) projects, set-up Gosip and Shed project social enterprises. The set-up of a communications platform for everyone to take part in, including getting NEN newsletters out and about again. The set-up of a development trust, community shares and community ownership scheme. A community co-op micro business, a possible market, festival, eco hotel, skills training and social involvement for younger people, skills development and lifelong learning for everyone investment and grant fundraising, real social housing?…..This is an idea of what is really happening in my community of Greater West Pilton and Muirhouse. It is positive news that really changes the future not negative think about it!

The Weaver


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