Truth is Good 2018

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What is it people get from creating destructive fake news?

I have some idea, however?

Are you fed-up of hearing badly reported, non objective, negative generalised news about the community we live in?

Of course it’s well known that sensationalist tidings of ill will bring with them just one second of flash in the pan fame, followed by? More bad news, hurt people,  and loss of opportunity for the clan or family concerned.

On one recent occasion, a local person in our community regaled bus passengers with tidings of wild teenagers and stolen bikes, feral youngsters and non-conformist parents.

Surely there must be a better way? How do we highlight the facts?

  • most adults in this community work for a living;
  • Most families here are decent human beings who bring up their children in the best way they can to be decent human beings;
  • Our community is resilient, why? Because we make the best use of the resources we have at our disposal at any given point in time;
  • Our young people, despite the odds, manage to climb every mountain with a smile on their faces and hope in their hearts;
  • Although no-one’s future is secure, and there is always that moment of doubt it is faith that carries each one of us through the next days and years.

It is not as if we do not try each one of us a member of the North Edinburgh Clan. Are you not proud? I am, look at what we have, so many activists don’t we?

  • Graton Gardeners;
  • The Centipede Project;
  • North Edinburgh Arts;
  • The Shed Project.

(In its infancy), a spider’s web of communication that Edinburgh has never seen the like of;

  • The NEN;
  • Newsletters;
  • The set-up of the CAN Development Trust;
  • A Community Ownership Scheme?
  • A Community Co-op?
  • A festival?
  • An Eco-hotel?
  • Skills Training, Lifelong learning for those who want to, and skills development for  our youth;
  • real Social Housing?

Is that what is really happening here in the community of West Pilton and Muirhouse; are we re-creating that positive vibe yet? What would you prefer to listen to????????

The Weaver


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