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Not another brown letter through the door, you get used to looking out for them each time opening the envelope with dread in your heart, especially if it is from DWP.
This time it was not funny, for the second time in a month. “Your JSA has been stopped. You have claimed another benefit, Incapacity Benefit, or Income Support.” Stress, anxiety set in. A black panic, a huge knot of anxiety tearing at the pit of the stomach, weeping starts again. Sheer frustration makes me angry as I cry “but why?” ” How did that happen?” “I have never claimed Incapacity Benefit in my life, I have no need, I am perfectly capable of working. Job Seekers Allowance was all I was looking for to help me pay my bills.” “I am an independent person!” “Not again, do I really have to go through the process, from the start one…

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