12 MAY 2018

I cannot end with the negativity of the past. I agree with a certain singer I listened to last night who confirmed what I already know in my heart that LOVE is the key. I cannot work in the dark for very long I get a lump in my heart that doesn’t need to be there. I have no right to go that way because I have so many blessings that others do not like a roof over my head food on the table companionship and friendship family and love.  So the poem I wrote a wee while ago is about who I am, a worker in the light but just a worker not the boss. My purpose that is my service my heart and my goal is and always has been to connect the different strands culture, faith, people, to break down barriers, to break the web of fear, to bring peace and love where harm has been, to build community support networks (and no-one can do this on their own), to help build a future that brings life not death to bring the real love of our saviour in humbleness to as many as I can. I hope now I will be understood. So this is me and my purpose:

The Weaver

Each second yet another strand

The weaver sits and takes the thread

Which way Lord

To left to right

To let this connection now be met

Which way Lord

Now do I go

To bring this seed of light to life

And bring life

To another soul

To everyone including Maria “Be the change you want to see in the world”  and from the wall in the LEAP Rehab through the doors many have gone from Nelson Mandela “Everything is impossible before it is done.”

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