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Truth is Good 8th May 2018

Did I preach
Did I demand you listen to me
Did I force you to act
Did I laugh and humiliate you too
Was I arrogant
Was I the superior one
Did I slag the work you have done
Did I complain about the smell
Coming from your home
Did I call you useless cow
Did I force you to go from here
Did I torment or torture you
Night after day, day after night
Was it either my way or the highway
Did I tell you what to think
Did I cage you like a butterfly
In a prison without bars
Or stalk you backwards and forwards
To torment wherever you were
Did I pretend to know you
Make allegations, assumptions lies about you
Did I try to destroy all you are
Did I attack your personality or hold you back
From your life, your commitments
Your purpose, your life

Did I pull you down
Or try to break you with enslavement in mind
Did I demand you listen about the pressure laid on me
Did I try to change you or make you who I want you to be
Did I attack your friendships one after one.
Did I try to stop you finding work
Did I falsely try to claim benefit for you

When you were working did I
You are not the one who lives with me here
You are the one who threatens with fear
You are the one who put me down time and again
You falsely claimed I was rich to a group of friends
I am not frightened there is no fear there any more
Just the constant questions why what have I done
I didnt even know you I still dont now
Why all the aggression threats judgement and lies
I am not broken just the sadness in me
You see I am the one who sees
The good in everyone
I try not to judge first perception is nearly always wrong
The flowers among the thorns are better
When all is said and done.
I really cant understand why this has happened to me
I know myself that I have tried and tried and tried
To love unconditionally the way Jesus does
I am not needy

Before this happened
I was on a path
To move on in work to my passion my goal.
I wish and I wish that I had not been hurt
That I could be allowed now to move where
my goal was originally set.
I am not and never will be
A victim you see
I am a survivor as most are here

Always I have had to be.
I know that sometimes these things come to pass
But I really did hope it would never happen here
This is the fourth time I have to start again
Because of jealousy? envy? miscommunication you see
I do not want to lose the love of my life again
Because of fake news, gossip, suspicion and lies
So that is my story and this is direct from my heart
Please don’t ever let this happen again in this place
God bless all those everywhere who have been there for me

Please let there be the peace and freedom from fear

Once again
To one who has lived with me
While all this has gone on
I don’t understand what has happened at all

Where have all the smiles gone

All the laughter all the joy

I dont want to be a burden

You are the true man

And I did give you my heart

All I can do now my Viking

Is accept what you say

And love you always



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