I have just been reading a passage in the Bible. The one about the pharisees not believing that Jesus could heal a blind man.

I always know that wherever I open the Bible there is something for me to understand that pertains to what is happening in my life and this case is no exception.

The last few months have been very stormy not just for happenings worldwide but personally for my friends and myself. In particular over the last few weeks with no time to relax and take stock before the tide came in again.

You may wonder what this has to do with this particular passage, the answer is quite a lot.

You see, from my own perspective there have been a few disappointments that really rocked my world.

In my own blindness over what society expects and how to deal with what came up, I have not, on reflection, had enough faith, or indeed time to have faith to look and keep my focus on the learning side of what happened.

Now, on a day I have decided to give myself, reflecting in a quiet moment, I think I see the truth.

You cannot trap a butterfly in a cage.”Sandra Marshall – 2004

We all have dreams and we all have our own realities.

My own dream is huge. There is a lot of learning involved and all that happens both positive and negative is part of the learning curve that could lead to my dream becoming real, if I pick up the threads correctly.

There are others though, that have dreams, ideas, ways of life “normal?” society cannot live with, relate to, or understand, because of the narrow margins and box-like structures within which we live our lives.

My own struggles with living the way I am expected to from birth to death have brought about so much stress, anxiety, grief, narrow-mindedness and have, I now recognise (I hope I am not too late!!!), held me back so many times it is unbelievable.

What does the daily struggle mean for those much more sensitive, whose brains run much faster, or a different way from yours or mine?

We can see the debris all around us. Frustrated lives, lack of self, addiction, mental health problems, stress, anxiety, depression a multitude of cause and effect.

People who try so hard to fit-in that they lose their lives because it just is not the way they were expected to live.

What if there is a genius out there who could solve some of the world’s huge problems, who feels that it is just not worth trying, he/she will not be heard above the cacophony of “you are this, you are that, you can’t do that it is not the right way, stop!”

We are all butterflies, where are the butterflies has anyone seen any this year? Importantly, why can we not let the butterflies go free, without judgement, and see where they take us?

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