Its amazing to be writing at this time of day. Very unusual for me. The flat is so quiet and all I can hear outside is planes taking off and landing at Edinburgh Airport.

I needed it to be quiet for this article though. I really needed to get my head in gear and think about what I should say.

There is so much, so many angles to consider, this article will probably not do the subject justice. It really is just a glide over the surface, but change and development is my life’s work not just for myself but to try and be of help to others. This is really just the prologue to my book which I hope will come out around December.

So what are the causes of our present predicament, it affects the human world in so many ways.

It is not the fault of money currency and when used properly the trade for money tool (for that is what it is) works well. “An individual or group of individuals gets paid for a product or service they supply. That payment is of course traded for goods and services that are needed by the individual or group of individuals that got paid and so it goes on. The fault lies with us human beings and our obssessive compulsive disorder in respect of wealth.

Look at any time period in history and you will see that lust for wealth, power over others and fear of not having enough to go around made communities go to war with other communities. It has never been religion that caused wars, but human beings distorting values and cultures that have been the main driving force.

As nations got bigger then the thirst for wealth, power over others and need for ever more resources led them into further wars to conquer and oppress the populations of many smaller or weaker countries taking their resources and making their people slaves. The cry has always been we know the right way we are “better educated?” “superior?” The “natives? do not know how to live properly, just look at where and how they live?”

Eventually, Nation Empires get too big and dissolve from the outside inwards. Their borders too far removed from their centre. This has happened time and again throughout history.

Our present empire, the world empire, is based on the principles of capitalism, collection of money by whatever method, the more the better. Money colours everything we do.

In the present system even individual country Governments are slaves, look at Greece and its financial collapse because it cannot pay back a debt that the ordinary people of Greece were not the culprits of creating.

Look at the giant conglomerate and international companies that dictate the way economies should be run, that take and sell resources to bring the reward of more and more money. That, because of fear of development which will make them irrelevant, use their money power to dictate policy within their own home countries. It is not the individual working at ground level that benefits to any great extent from the millions and billions of pounds earned. In fact these workers are very lucky to receive enough pay to keep them and their families alive. It is the separate entity of the company and its shareholders that reap the benefits.

Look at how Governments, some would say who are at crisis breaking point are behaving at present. We have reached a crisis point in this world’s history. A point that has been discussed, written about and considered for thousands of years.

Yet, these realities do not need to be the end of everything as we know it. God has provided our amazing species with options, with reasoning and problem solving capabilities. We do have the ability to choose not to destroy any more. We can learn to share more equally. We can learn from our mistakes. We have just to come up from the depths of the deep rabbit hole we have wandered into, stop lying to ourselves and everyone else, shoulder our responsibilities and take positive actions forward. Whilst in that hole we created, we have also developed some good things that are of benefit in saving our world and ourselves, we have learned a lot about the physiology and nature of ourselves, and everything that co-exists with us. We have also re-learned some old facts about not taking more than we need, giving back, re-planting and being thankful for all that sustains us on this beautiful planet. We have so much to do but we also have help. Look at the technology advances and uses for example.

We are at a point of change. We have no need to fear. We all, every individual on the planet, has to make the choice and we can do it.


  • We carry on, drive ourselves to extinction doing terrible damage in the process and becoming just another irrelevance in the history of life on earth; or

  • We make the choice to change our perspectives, make a commitment, shoulder responsibility and working together, all of us never mind the creed or the colour, to create a better human future in this beautiful home of ours.

I do ask questions every day, why? What? Where? Yet all of us do know the answers deep down, hidden by years of having to survive, of being influenced and made complacent in our every day lives. We can change things for the better but it needs each and every person to make a commitment to that change.

We have been given the tools to look after ourselves, our neighbours and this world. All we need do is take them out the box and use them.

There are solutions or the beginning of solutions to every obstacle and fear we face both at an individual level and community level. It just takes a change of perspective, a will and positive reinforcement for change and direction.



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