There is love

In every soul

There is life in every breath

There is beauty beyond compare

In all the world we share

What do you seek

That is not there

Why do you need

So much greed

what do you miss

To you complete

Why do you search

For more than the creator’s gift

Stop, look

In space twixt heart and mind

In creation’s pulse

You will find

The truth

A loving, living, creating father’s peace

Union of Body Mind and Soul

In the Living Creator’s space

Thank you Lord

For all you provide

For the gift of precious life

To live within loveliness

Grant wisdom

That we may always see

Follow your vision

Your path meant to be

Till at last the return

Back to our eternal home

Please let body mind and soul

Rest in you as one

For this journey

We need your help

To bring to you the very best

Lord bless the path

And let every human person see

A little bit of you in we

So they too may come

In your love

To see

Their own true way

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