This is a reflection from my own experience as a carer and one reason why I am trying to put together a Dry Bar in Leith in Edinburgh. Positive -v- Negative. Happy Sunday x x x


How do you break the cycle

Of misery and death

When the one you love so much

Can’t break the deadly slide

How do you carry on trying

Each and every day

When the demon is laughing

Taking more and more

How do you combat the outcome

When society and tradition both

Sponsor and entrap the vulnerable

Within the demon dark

How do you keep going

Making life normal

When you live with fear of knowing

Lodged deep within your heart

On this Sunday clear

This prayer is made for you

For all those and their families

Held in addiction’s grip

That the lord will show all a path

Help each and everyone

Give them all the strength

To reach to hope and love

And the truth of life’s right road.

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