sunlight and fresh green

What a different week this week has been. Time for me as a person to recognise my own mortality but also to reflect and thank God for all the blessings of family and friends I have. The most moving post I read this morning by Chris Martin also put everything into perspective.

It got me to think about the wider community and all the trouble present in our world today.

Forgive me if you don’t agree please but just why is the world in the predicament it is in, so divided, Full still of persecution, anger, hatred, fear, hunger and poverty.

Whatever our differences, or diversity, we are all one family.

Where did the wrong turn begin?

Why are politicians all fighting each other for supremacy? What benefit will that fight bring? How can you argue that you are right and everyone else is wrong over subjects that countrywide cause despair, depression, anxiety, stress, violence, isolation, hardship for the majority.

Is that really a way forward? Why are you all so afraid of changing your view or path? Where is the real understanding in your arguments? What matters more the worship of power and wealth or human beings? Do you actually realise that while you are arguing and bringing a country to its knees the rest of us are trying so hard to fill the gaps, survive, get on with life and help each other, driving ourselves to exhaustion trying to keep everything together, all your arguments mean NOTHING.

I read something yesterday that again made me realise it is not just the UK. The USA has the largest number of children living in poverty in the world. This is not progress it is a disease which is now infecting up and coming countries like Africa, India, China, the rest of Asia and the Middle-East, why is money the only measure that is used? Where will it stop? When we have annihilated each other squabbling over the last argument of the last argument? When we have killed-off all animal and plant life on our planet? When there is absolutely nothing left to fight over? Does anyone see the bigger picture?

Reality is, it does not have to be this way. There is more than enough to go round. Developments in science, technology, medicine, social care, community development, food production, social business could make this world a much safer, better, happier, healthier place in which to live. These developments are there for everyone to see and take part in. The old way of doing things is not viable and will lead the human planet to death. New ways could lead to a healthier, happier population that respects each other, their environment and life itself. That’s the choice each one of us has to make.

I would like to state here that it is my faith in God that has lead me to write these words. It is my faith in God and following the life of Jesus that makes me get up each morning, do my best every day, carry on trying even if I fail, helping in any which way I can to keep people from despair. Jesus, for me, shows the right way to live and the Bible has so much common sense in it there is nothing new written that can compare. Life is held within its pages. I also believe that creation is about continuous development, learning, human invention and change. I can believe as a Christian while still marvelling and being thankful for every development in every field. They all lead back to the same source. We are not meant to go round and round the same old wheel.

I humbly ask that anyone who reads this takes the time to really look around them, see what needs fixing, and without thinking act in some way that will help fix, have a conversation with someone, smile, look and really see the amazing beauty of the planet we live on, say nothing and really listen to a person who seems to have a real issue with you. Stop judging each other by your own standards, you could quite possibly be wrong, lend a helping hand, forget differences and work together bringing your own unique talents to that partnership, to bring peace to this world, PLEASE!!!

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