A world out of kilter

Through action of man

All going one way

As fast as it can

Balance tilted in one direction

Controlled by desire

For control, manipulation

Lies, greed, corruption and fear

But hold on one second

What have we here

Hiding in the background

Yet oh so near

A little development

A new age is come

A human realisation

Second to none

Balance the new phrase

As ancient as time

Progress is in all ways

Not all along one line

To balance war we have the fight for peace

For ignorance learning instead

For pollution new ways of providing energy

For health both physical and mental

Solutions within us are being found

With every damage done here

We can try to develop a repair

Both man and woman

Separately have tried for so long

Yet like the double helix

The Yin and the Yan

It is man and woman…

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