The Pen is Mightier Than?


A Pen is Mightier than?

Scribbling furiously

Page after page

Giving of your heart

Line after line

So many words

To get a message across

You try so hard

To beat cross-fire of lies

A pen they say is mightier

Mightier than sword

So let this pen stab

Those lines so negative

In all we are taught

Let your writing tell

Of light of love

Of all there could be

In sands of time

It will smash

Your depression , fear

Speak of sunshine, laughter, joy

Defeat all negative imprint

Allow you to make, share, care

Destroy every call to fight, kill, die

Enforce every right to give, live, love

Annihilate need to jealously take, destroy

Challenge you

Live in harmony, beauty, peace

Peace with all life

Let this pen lead you there

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