I am so lucky…I have so much…I don’t mean money…friends, sisters, brothers, partner, child all doing their thing.

To explain, I live in a community with many social problems, alcohol, drugs, theft, violence and the like all the usual negative forces that are attributed to poor communities throughout the country, yet I could not live in a more real, lively, caring, sharing place. This is my community.

I live in a building which has been tagged as being one of the worst buildings to live in on the estate, yet, apart from an unsightly, unhealthy rubbish problem and a really noisy party once a month I am still able to rise reasonably early in the morning and enjoy quiet peace and birdsong.

At one time, not so long ago, these buildings were damp, cold, lacking in good facilities – yet, eighteen months ago all it took to change the situation was to…

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