poem of the day

To a New Year

To a New Year

A new beginning

The end of darkness

The beginning of light

Your renewal my friend

Your life not death

Forgiveness and contentedness

Acceptance and peace

Forgive yourself

Heal yourself

Find your way

To a New Year

A new Beginning

A new life

Am really excited to get the first few copies of my new book available on Amazon http://www.amazon.co.uk/Title/5164398 or http://www.amazon.com/Title/5164398 or Amazon Kindle.  Poem above is from the book. A book of inspirational (I hope!!!) poems. Half of the royalties from the book are being divided equally between the Leith Heritage Centre project and The Common Weal both positive action alleviating the causes of poverty in Scotland and finding new ways forward.  If anyone would like to order direct from me my email address is leithheritagecentre@outlook.com I really do hope everyone enjoys it I know there is something for everyone in this book, have had nothing but smiles and its good so far.

Lots of love Sandra Marshall x


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