So Depression How Does it Feel

Was written by me a few months ago now.


So Depression How Does it Feel

What can I say, you work hard, you throw all your disappointments, hurts and unfulfilment in to the background and just keep moving and moving without realising, the backlog is still there you have not dealt wiith your disappointments, hurts and unfulfilment.

You are strong for others yet deep down you feel betrayed, you feel that all the promises made by others and yourself to yourself have not come to fruition.

You keep on working and working thinking that will solve the problem, you don’t give yourself a break, then it hits you with a thunderous force.

You face anxiety, you have guilt, you cannot move forward, you cannot move backward, a lot turn to something to alleviate the pressure, you are stuck, you break down.

You face a wall, every day is an effort, just to keep living is an effort. You feel…

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