Thought for Monday


Thought For Monday

Magna Carta is a word that has come up quite a few times recently so I thought I would share what I found out about the actual history and how it is perhaps relevant

Magna Carta was a document that a group of barons forced an unpopular king to sign in England in 1215, and it is the document that most modern law and principle is based on.

Why did the barons oppose the king? That is precisely the point that is interesting, King John did not have a very good way with words, was definitely not a people pleaser and was a bit bad-tempered when he did not get his own way:

  • In 1205 King John quarrelled with the Pope over who should be Archbishop of Canterbury;

  • In 1209 the Pope retaliated, excommunicated King John and banned all church services;

  • King John gave in, the Popeā€¦

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