An Ordinary Voter’s voice

For all of you out there involved or interested in Scotland’s Big Debate please give me some feedback


An Ordinary Voter’s Voice

Standing at a cross-roads

With everyone in this land

It is very hard to choose

Which way is not a blind

Trying to make an informed choice

But the surface is just nonsense

Got to go a little deeper

To find the truth that lies within

Politicians and media silver-tongued

rivers of lies and spin

creating cages to trap each person in

Not listening to exaggeration

so many so many lies

Observing and researching reality

for individual and family’s lives

No illusions are there

At this cross-roads once before

Promises brought disillusionment

That destroyed so many lives

Researching what is really happening

Using life’s experience to put everything to the test

Scotland is a wealthy country

All have agreed

Scotland can make it on its own

It has the expertise

UK politicians even agreed with that

Entitled to our pensions

After all citizens of the EU

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