Silly (Not so funny) phone-calls/Texts

I’ve had such a time this morning hope you don’t mind but thought I would just share:-

  1. Question: “Can I speak to Mr Kemp please?”

    Answer: “Who’s Mr Kemp have never heard of a Mr Kemp? Not since I moved in.

    Question: “Oh we have a Mr Kemp registered to this phone number, are you sure there is no Mr Kemp living there”.

    Answer: “This phone number was given to us by our telephone provider. There is no Mr Kemp here and never has been.”

    “Ok. We will remove the number from the list.

    “Have a good day”.

  2. “This is an automatic message to tell you that the Government will now replace a home owner’s boiler free of charge”

    “Ok – so, firstly we are not home-owners and em, what would we do with the new boiler installed last November by the local authority???”

  3. “We are phoning about a road accident you have had”.

    “I have never owned a car!”

    “Could it have been as a passenger”.

    “I have not, thank you God, had any car accident and I usually travel by bus or train”.

You really couldn’t make it up, its getting so silly, I don’t know about you, but I am getting so sick of advertising phone-calls, text messages etc.

Someone told me that she had received the one about the new boiler yesterday, she had phoned back to find out it was not about a boiler at all but insurance, which, of course, she already had.

Seriously though it is not really funny.

All you companies, brokers, agencies out there PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE think about what you are doing, it is not acceptable, the human rights and responsibilities of privacy, freedom to live come to mind.

How would you like it?

You are on standby in an emergency and you get an idiotic phone-call, your family can’t get through?

You are trying to relax after a stressful day and you have asked friends and family not to phone, you get a phone-call?

You are waiting for a possible call for an interview for a job, you get a phone-call or a text message you miss an interview opportunity?.

      1. Don’t try and broker a loan for me I would rather go to a reputable institution;

      2. Don’t try and deal with my PPI, or my pension I can find out for myself;

      3. Don’t try and sell insurance on the back of Government initiatives, I can follow the Government initiatives for myself and get the information;

      4. Don’t be a shark, be a reputable institution.

For all those looking for information or loans or whatever I am sure most people know this anyway:

  1. Don’t trust on-line high interest lenders who offer you the earth, they are usually brokers and you can end up being conned out of money you don’t have from the so-called agency through the services offered. You will also receive un-solicited calls and your phone will become jam-packed with text messages over a long period of time offering you anything from £50-£5000 (it’s all a lie!!!).

  2. If you require information with regard to PPI insurance, your lender or bank will give you the information if you ask them directly. If you are not sure ask Citzens Advice or other such reputable support agency.

  3. If you require information on Government or council initiatives ask your local neighbourhood partnership, council or MP for the information. Again Citizens Advice I am sure have full knowledge of these initiatives.

  4. If you require information with regard to transferring or taking a lump sum from your pension the best people to ask are your pension providers. Current legislation can be found on line and again Citizens Advice may be able to help you find the correct information.

  5. If you have a problem with debt there are Government initiatives out there that can help, again Citizens Advice, other reputable support agency, your neighbourhood partnership, local council office or MP should be able to help.

    Most importantly, do not ever give your card details on-line or by phone unless you are absolutely sure that these details will not be passed on.

Well there you go just received another one this time purportedly about cavity wall insulation, totally crazy!!!

Be safe

Love to everyone

Sandra Marshall

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